3 Ways That Window Graphics Help Grab Attention.

3 Ways That Window Graphics Help Grab Attention.

If you think that window graphics are set aside only for the cliché “Going out of business” or “Sale, Sale, Sale” messages, then you’re missing out on one of the most visual ways to tie your integrated marketing together. Window graphics have come a long way and the marketers of today have recognised that this kind of signage allows a powerful visual punch.

Below we have three different ways to use these graphics:
Bolder is better – You have more or less 5 to 10 seconds where you need to grab the attention of the customer who is walking or driving past your shop or business. You need to make this time count by deploying tricks that are used by headline writers to seduce passerby’s into wanting to learn more about what you offer or prompting them to take action.

Below are some of the best headline hacks:
Arrest them with imagery – If you are selling emotion in your line of business, for example, being a retailer who specialises in wedding dresses or someone who provides childcare, it is not easy to capture the sentiment of the service you offer with a few words. Forget about the corny sayings and rather embrace customers with photography instead. For example, a bridal store can connect with their customers by using a window graphic of an evocative bride beaming on her wedding day. And a nursery can try to capture the innocence of childhood with window graphics of a child playing.

Let light it – Dan Mika who is a sign analyst, recommends experimenting with placements in order to get the most out of your graphics. You wouldnt want to stop light from streaming into a window or to stop a potential customer from looking into your store. Another thing to consider is if your store windows are tinted, your window graphics can be lost through the haze. Something as simple as moving a sign from the inside to the outside of the glass can multiply its effectiveness.
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