Is Digital Really a Worthwhile Replacement for Signage?

Is Digital Really a Worthwhile Replacement for Signage?

There is no denying that our wold is becoming more digital by the second, and this is particularly the case where marketing and grabbing your customers’ attention is concerned. Digital media has all but completely transformed many ways of life, particularly in advertising and branding, but to say that it has begun to replace the age-old sign would be incorrect.

Signage solutions definitely still have their place in this world, and it is one that is generally uncontested for a number of reasons. So next time you think about going fully digital instead of using signage, ask yourself if you would get the following advantages from doing so.

Consistent Impressions

While digital media is great for targeting specific groups of people, signs tend to talk to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are walking or driving past them, well designed and attractive signage solutions target everyone, multiple times a day, week, month or year.

Better Reach

How many people do you think drive past your sign on a daily basis and take notice of it. Likely more than those who don’t click away from a website, close a pop-up or change the channel as soon as the ads come on. Signs, when designed correctly, get immense reach by just staying in one place as people from all walks of life pass it by day by day.

No Reliance on the Power Grid

Digital media is great and all, when it works. In the era of South African load shedding, ridiculously high data tariffs and a lack of availability of electronic devices for everyone, digital media is highly reliant on existing infrastructure and power, that often enough, isn’t readily available. A sign will keep signing even when the power goes out, when doors close and when people look up from their mobile devices.

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