Elements of a Great Sign Design

Elements of a Great Sign Design

Signage is an age-old art, possibly the first form of mass-marketing and is still, today, one of the most effective and popular means of getting a message across to a wide audience. As a form of marketing that has been around for ages, it is also subject to a certain amount of canons; best-practices which should be adhered to for the sign to perform its function properly and attract an audience of interested customers.

To help you create a signage solution that truly benefits your business, here are some design elements that you should pay attention to.

Respect the Viewer’s Time

Viewers are on the go and have little time to stop and take in all the information on a sign, unless it has been designed with their busy lifestyles in mind.

Because of this, the simplest signs work best. It is never a good idea to cram as much information into the sign as you can. This will overwhelm your viewer who will simply look the other way. So keep it simple, keep it clean, make it easy to see what it is about.

The Whitespace Rule

This ties in with the above point, and a sign can even be overcomplicated by graphics. A good rule to follow is that every sign design should incorporate about 30-40% of white-space in its design.

This will segment graphics and text to make them easily viewable, and will go a long way towards ensuring that your sign only says what it needs to.

Use a Clear Font

While it might be tempting to grab the viewer’s attention with a striking and ‘out-there’ font, this can actually be damaging to the effectiveness of the sign. If, for instance, the viewer has to struggle to read the font, they will simply look the other way.

It is also a good idea to keep the font on the sign similar to that used in your corporate identity. That way your sign will work for the consistency of your brand.

Make Colours Striking but Appropriate

Reign in your use of colours as well. In some cases, added colours will not only raise the cost of building the sign, but will also make it unpleasant for viewers.

Where text is concerned, bear in mind that light text can be difficult to read. It is far better to use darker text against a light background.

Furthermore, be sure to keep your sign’s colours in line with those of your brand.

Contact Sign Facets for the Professional Touch

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