What are Fabric Frames and Why You Need Them?

What are Fabric Frames and Why You Need Them?

So you’re thinking of getting a sign or some in-office branding? Now the next problem comes with which one to actually go with, and how this will benefit your business. We all know that there are different choices for your business and the different locations that you could possibly put up these messages and branding! It gets a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? Well don’t worry, here is a bit of advice to help you make the best decision for your business.

What are Fabric Frames?

Fabric frames are a flexible printable material that is not paper. Fabric Frames are best suited for interior decoration and branding. It is not suited for outdoor use, unless it is going to be changed constantly, because it is not a material that is durable to the elements for extended periods of time. The fabric frame is a great medium for printing images, such as the beautiful vegetables or desserts images that are found in the supermarkets. They show great detail, and they allow for a clear imagery.

Where Would Fabric Frames Work Best?

Fabric frames would work best within your actual store. If you have a beauty and cosmetic store or spa, this would work great to show the richness of the colour, or the various textures, or product results. If you own a restaurant or a café, or even a pub or club, this would be a great way to add aesthetic and a vibe to the establishment. It is no surprise that they are already used within supermarkets and grocery stores; they accentuate the beauty of the fresh produce. They could even be used at any market, exhibition or convention where your business will have a stall.

The Benefits of Using Fabric Frames in Your Business

There are a few benefits to using this medium for your business, especially if it is a great medium for your brand! The first is that it sells the product or service that is beautifully depicted in the visuals. It doubles up as interior decoration. It is a great way to creatively break any large empty space. It add guidance and direction to the store, such as large visuals of meat, allow the customers to easily find the butchery, or visuals of tarts and cupcakes, lets the customers know where to find the bakery.

Get Your Fabric Frame Today

Don’t hesitate, get in touch with Sign Facets and get the best signage for your business. Get the best design and instillation that will allow consumers to find your business, as well as enjoy being in it.

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