The History and importance of signage

The History and importance of signage

Signage may be defined as any kind of visual graphics created to display information to a particular audience. We then wanted to dig deeper into the history of signage. How far back does it date? Who did it first? Cave men or Tokyo?
One thing we can be sure of is that it has been around for centuries and has always been an important means of communication.

According to Science Daily, the first cave/rock paintings were discovered some 40 000 years ago. Some theories conclude that these symbols/drawings may have been a way to communicate with others, while others believe they leaned more to the religious or ceremonial side.

The Greeks and Romans had their time during the Dark Ages

The Egyptian hieroglyphics included logography. A logograph is a written or drawn character that represents a word or phrase, just like Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji.
A more modern beginning of signage was in Greek and Rome. These were usually made of stone or terra cotta. They comprised mainly of imagery than text, since many people were illiterate during those times. The signs identified different businesses like taverns and workshops. While the early Christians and pagans used a cross, the sun or moon to identify meeting places.

Signage has been around since the beginning of man. While there is no doubt that we (humans) have become more visual in our nature, we realise how important our job is at Sign Facets. Having been in the industry for 15 years, our passion is clear. Quality, Service & Value. Signage in any business is critical for brand awareness. Weather vehicle branding, 3D custom branding billboard or window graphics, the communication has to be clear, and an exact representation of the business.

So can the question who did it first really be answered? When the early history of signage really spans across the world? Well, we don’t really mind who did it first. We are merely grateful and proud to adopt this rich heritage and excel in doing so.

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