The Importance of Business Signs In Branding

The Importance of Business Signs In Branding

If you are a business owner, or are planning to start a business, an important consideration is how you plan to use signage. A creative, attractive sign can help your business stand apart from the competition, it’s also the base of creating your brand identity. Customers are more likely to purchase from a business they have already heard of, so a sign can help in terms of cognitive mapping for future sales.


Signs serve as a silent salesperson for your business. Exterior signs that are large and have a creative design draw attention to your place of business and help differentiate it from others around it. Interior signs help customers locate merchandise and can lead to impulsive sales as well as make your place of business consumer friendly.


Exterior signs can be building-mounted or ground-mounted. Ground-mounted signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are typically mounted near a road to attract the attention of passing drivers. Building-mounted signs are attached to buildings itself and may be useful in areas where foot traffic is prevalent, such as a busy road or shopping centre.


Signs can be an essential component of a business’s overall marketing and branding strategy. A sign that contains a business’s logo can help reinforce its brand, which creates the cognitive mapping process. Signs can also be used to draw attention to promotions and to convey information about the business. Because an exterior sign is visible 24 hours a day, its effect is continuous.


For businesses that have limited marketing funds, signs can be a cost-effective form of marketing, along with digital marketing. This will give any business a good kick-start to their business leads and sales.


Signs can also be great and quite effective for off-premises use. Strategically placed billboards can convey a concise message to passing drivers. You can also place magnetic signs on the side of your vehicle to serve as a form of mobile advertising as well as pay other motorists to place signs on their own vehicles for additional reach and driver familiarity.
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