The Importance of Wording and Colour Selection for Outdoor Signs

The Importance of Wording and Colour Selection for Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are basically made up words and colors. However, the kinds of colours and words you use (and the arrangement) can make all the difference in the world. Sign Facets, your sign professionals, can provide you with the perfect blend of colour schemes and fonts, and this can often spell the difference between success and failure.

The Value of Contrast

We often take advantage of something as simple as colour contrasts, to greatly augment a business sign. Contrast is all about the colour differences between words and their backgrounds. For instance, lightly coloured words work best against darker backgrounds, yet not all outdoor signs have to be black and white. Our professional business sign designers’ subtle contrast strategies to provide aesthetic appeal and instant recognition.

Fancy Fonts

Fancy fonts offer a unique appeal. Though, they may not be the best choice when you need very large outdoor signs. In fact, detailed lettering can sometimes be difficult to read from a considerable distance. It can be hard to decide what type of lettering to use and this is where our expertise as professional sign designers can be of great help.

Message Conveyed

Most successful outdoor signs have very little wording in them. In fact, the fewer words the better, so you can get straight to the point. But what message are you conveying with those few words? Sign Facets can help you choose the right words, and the perfect way to make your words stand out.

Background Effects

Do you want a bright and colorful background, or would something simple be more sophisticated? It can be very difficult to choose a background and you may only need to go with one colour. As your professional sign designers we understand the importance of legibility and will work with you to come up with a background which is an integral part of your sign. We take many things into account, like the environment and the colour of your building exterior.


If you want to be sure your outdoor signs will be successful, go with trusted professionals like Sign Facets. Sign Facets is a story about people in the sign industry who take pride in what they do as well as what they have achieved. Signage and branding is a passion of the owners who have been in the industry for 15 years who everyday instil that passion into the staff we employ to create what we call the “magic”.

We are a full service sign company who takes care of the entire process for you, including design, fabrication, installation, survey work, permits, service and repair. Whether you’re a small business or a national company with multiple locations, Sign Facets will take care of all your indoor and outdoor sign needs.

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