Make your Business Noticeable with Pylon Signs

Make your Business Noticeable with Pylon Signs

It is important to install the right type of signage for your business to remain prominent and competitive. You need to think differently with your signage, be creative and invest your money in something that everyone will notice such as pylon signs. What are pylon signs you ask? let us explain.

What are pylon signs?

Normally a pylon sign consists of a light box cabinet, mounted at a specific height. The illuminated LED signs are supported by steel poles and the best feature of this type of signage is the height that makes your business visible from afar.

The difference between pylon and monument signs.

There is often a confusion between these two types of signage. A monument sign is close to the ground and most of them are not much taller than about 3-5 feet. The pylon sign is much taller than the monument sign and it captures the eyes of people who are a distance away. Furthermore, the monument sign is ornamental and it adds more of an appeal to your storefront.
Benefits of pylon signs:
The greatest benefit of a pylon sign is its visibility, it is not often that they will go unnoticed and they are perfect for owners who have big business buildings. Another pro to the pylon sign is that it can advertise more than one business, making it more cost effective for a business owner to promote their company.
Pylon signage can also act as landmarks. A business sign that is able to act as a landmark can also etch your specific brand into the minds of people.
Because of the pylon signs height, when installed in highways it can get the attention of passengers and drivers in the vehicle too.
This type of signage is one of the most effective, yet affordable ways to generate results for your business. At Sign Facets we offer a wide variety of signage solutions such as pylon, banners, flexface, vehicle branding and so much more. To read more about our products and services visit our website on or give us a call on 011 900 4064.

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