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We turn the ideas of some of the world’s biggest brands into reality by providing innovative, first class signage solutions.

Supplying premium signage to companies across a broad range of sectors

Multitalented and multifaceted

We turn the ideas of some of the world’s biggest brands into reality by providing innovative, first class signage solutions.

Great signage gets noticed

Supplying premium signage to companies across a broad range of sectors

We Specialise In These Industries

Sign Facets specialises in delivering bespoke professional signage solutions across diverse industries. Transforming the visions of some of the world’s foremost brands into reality, we provide innovative and top-tier signage solutions. The trust bestowed upon us by South Africa’s corporations is a testament to our transparency and meticulous attention to detail.

Our custom signage solutions for the food market are best-in-class and aligned to international signage trends, making us the preferred and trusted supplier across several international and local food outlets.

The hardware industry’s large retail sites and floor space provide the perfect platform for Sign Facets to create magnificent, large, eye-catching custom signage solutions. We collaborate with all our clients to ensure their brand stands out.

Retail signage must be impactful and disruptive to guarantee it stands out and gets noticed against the competition. Our integrated approach to custom signage solutions ensures our clients’ signage applications are consistent.

The supermarket sector is highly competitive and fast-paced, demanding excellence in various signage applications. Customers can trust us to manufacture and install quality custom signage solutions aligned with their brand and corporate identity.

We have extensive experience designing and developing impactful, quality custom signage solutions for tyre service centres and outlets nationwide. Our customised solutions are guaranteed to meet your signage requirements, ensuring your business and brand stand out and get noticed.

We create notable tailored signage solutions for various industries. Through collaborative efforts with our clients, we ensure their business attains prominence through meticulous attention to their signage requirements. Our clients trust us to manufacture and install quality signage anywhere, nationwide.

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Our experience

For over two decades, our continuous growth stems from a commitment to innovation. At Sign Facets, we recognise the imperative role of creativity in maintaining a competitive edge. This is why some of South Africa’s largest corporate brands entrust us with their confidence, relying on our expertise to provide professional signage solutions of superior quality.

From a staff of five servicing local businesses in Alberton, our unique blend of innovative solutions and premium quality service has seen us quickly grow to an expert team of 130. This team, and our unparalleled range of specialist machinery, routinely produce best-in-class signage for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Our vast experience supplying premium signage to companies across various sectors means we can turn any idea into reality. We have the machinery and know-how to provide precisely what you’re looking for and the creativity to exceed your expectations.

“We never settle for ‘normal’, and neither should your business. Our multifaceted solutions have brought brands to life with innovative signage and industry-leading quality.”

Steffen Coetzee | Owner

The Sign Facets Mark of Excellence

No matter how big or small, every job comes with our mark of excellence, a guarantee of first-class craftsmanship and inventiveness, resulting in multiple awards for our work.

Great signage gets noticed. Exceptional signage is seen by awards organisations. Our creative approach to signage is testimony to this, with Sign Facets earning gold, silver, and bronze in the 2022 GAPP Awards for South African companies active in the printing, packaging, and signage industry. In addition, we earned a runner-up award in Famous Brands’ Supplier of the Year Awards in 2021. These outstanding achievements are a testament to the magic we’re creating in the Southern African signage industry.

Popular Signage Solutions

Our successful partnerships

We firmly believe that creating a relationship with our clients is paramount for crafting outstanding professional signage solutions. We do this to ensure optimal communication and alignment throughout the signage creation process.

We meet our clients face-to-face so we can drill down to the essence of what they need. Once we start work, each project is assigned a manager to oversee it and provide clients with updates and guidance on their signage needs.

This transparency and attention to detail are why some of South Africa’s most prominent corporations trust us to provide a premium and reliable service. We ensure each project is

completed on deadline and managed within budget without sacrificing quality. Whether a large client like Mcdonald’s, West Pack or Steers, or a small local business, we ensure each job is completed to the highest standards.

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